Thursday, May 15, 2014


Years after Bb. Pilipinas Venus Raj captured our hearts with her inspiring Miss Universe 3rd Runner Up finish, we still continue to adore her in varied and “major major” ways. She represents how one can be catapulted to a life of glamor yet still maintain her charm and friendly aura everywhere she goes. Venus attributes her “luminous” Filipina glow through a combination of being positive all the time and being disciplined in taking care of her skin. “Being beautiful inside and out is a result of a lifestyle we choose for ourselves. Life has challenges and even painful episodes you need to go through. When that happens, I meet them head-on with a smile, trusting that I will be able to handle it with love and support from God and my friends and loved-ones”.

While that takes care of the inner beauty part, Venus also makes sure that the way she looks is also covered. “It’s not about vanity. The message I want to send is: how I look physically is a reflection of how much I love and take care of myself. Too feel and look good is the ultimate state of beauty and that is regardless of your skin tone or social status,” she explained cheerfully. Well said for the Dermclinic spokesperson who has a lot of skincare wisdom to share:

1) What is the best thing about being the spokesperson for Dermclinic? 

The fulfillment of knowing that I am part of those helping people feel happy about the way they look. Dermclinic gives people the best option when it comes to skin care because they represent quality of the highest standard in dermatology having experts who know what procedures you truly need in order to achieve beautiful, healthy skin. I am in fact so confident that one can never go wrong when they choose Dermclinic to take care of their skin health needs

2) How do you take care of your skin on a daily basis? What habits do you make sure you do for your skin?

I adhere with strict discipline to the basics of healthy living: eat healthy food, hydrate often and always have a positive outlook in life. Whatever we ingest and whatever we think or feel will eventually manifest outward. It is our skin that normally takes the beating.

3) What are some Dermclinic procedures do you undergo on a regular basis to make sure that your skin remains healthy and glowing?

I regularly visit Dermclinic for a facial and some hair removal procedure. I make sure that I take care of my entire body and not just the face so I am in constant consultation with the experts in Dermclinic as to what procedures I need to undergo in order to achieve total face and body skin care.

4) How do you define a beautiful and healthy skin? Does one’s skin tone need to be fair in order to be considered beautiful?

A healthy and beautiful skin must be free from disorders. The skin color does not define total beauty. It may enhance but it is never the ultimate measure of beauty. Fact is, to be confident in one’s natural skin tone is half the battle won in achieving confidence and a beautiful aura.

5) Apart from regular skin care routine and visits to the dermatologist, what other lifestyle activities do you do in order to help achieve a beautiful complexion?

A regular fitness regimen and diet helps a lot. I do brisk walking and short but intense runs, which help me, feel light and active. Also, I hydrate often and use moisturizer as much as possible.

6) What things do you avoid to prevent stress on your skin?

I avoid drinking too much alcohol because they can dehydrate and make skin look dry. I don’t smoke as it promotes wrinkles especially in the facial area, and I avoid staying out late especially if I have to wake up early. Lack of sleep cause puffiness in the eye area and a lethargic feeling.

7) What’s your definition of total beauty?

Real beauty is a result of how we take care of ourselves inside and out. We need to cultivate that positive spirit and grateful heart which and naturally radiates. The other half is being kind to our unique, physical body. We should never take our beauty routine and hygiene habits for granted and always make it part of our lifestyle. Once we achieve total beauty, it inspires others to be the same.

Based on how Venus has been actively pursuing her career with so much passion and bravado nowadays, we can truly say that she is an inspiration to anyone who desire to become the best version of themselves.

“I strongly advise a strong commitment to personal wellness coupled with partnership with an expert like a well-trained dermatologist who would know what’s best for you and will do it best,” Venus sums-up.

Dermatologist and Beauty Queen. 2010 Ms. Universe 4th runner-up Venus Raj recently renewed her contract as Dermclinic’s brand ambassador.

How about you? What's your advice to have glowing skin? Share us through comments below! :)


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