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  I have occasional pimples and acne possibly because of PMS. This does not always happen but when it does, I always get cystic acne. Cystic acne is the worst one because it is seated deep in the skin and I could not pop it. I have tried different medications and steroids but it takes forever for these to work. One day when I went to my parents’ house I saw that my brother was using a medication for his acne. He is a teenager and he still has those teenage acne problems. It was Dermclinic’s NuDerm Acne Lotion.

This NuDerm Acne Lotion comes in a tall bottle. It costs around $5-6 from Dermclinic. I am not sure if this is only sold in Dermclinic or in different stores but so far I bought mine here. It is cheap but it takes forever to finish the whole bottle. In fact the bottle has reached its expiry date on me without me even finishing the whole bottle. I only do this for spot treatment and not on the whole face.

I only use a small amount in a cotton ball after cleansing my face. it does contain Clindamycin, Tretinoin and Hydroquinone in a 100ml bottle. I think that this combination alone can really combat pimples and can help peel off the scar that it leaves. In a matter of days I will have a zit dry out, get dark and then peel off. Sometimes I use it on my whiteheads and it will do the same: it will dry out the area first, there is slight peeling, and then it goes away. There is a tendency that the area treated may turn darker so it is a must to have sun block on the area once it has peeled off because the skin is sensitive.

I really like how this medication is highly effective. It seems to be quite strong but really it is highly effective in drying out zits or even preventing zits from getting worse. I still use some corticosteroids to prevent swelling as adjunct treatment and they both work well together to prevent zits from getting red and swollen. I use this only twice a day, once when I get up in the morning after cleansing my face and once again before going to bed, after cleansing and moisturizing.

The NuDerm Acne Lotion turns into a brown color after some time, maybe because of the Hydroquinone content. It is fine because I have seen a lot of creams with hydroquinone on them and they do turn brown after being exposed.

This product is very reasonably priced, highly effective and it takes forever to finish the 100ml bottle (in my case since I only do spot treatment). I recommend using sunblock when using this product to avoid discolorations after the skin has peeled. I am still using the bottle that I have bought and I am not even halfway through it. This bottle can be bought in Dermclinic clinics even without prescription. 

Rating: 10 



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Dermclinic Cebu SM City Cebu, Cebu City Philippines

Whenever you reach adolescent stage, you will surely have pimples in your face. I was blessed with great skin and people always commented me on that. However, when I reached 19, pimples started to grow on my face, the part near my jaw. It was so disturbing that I don’t look at the mirror anymore whenever I get up in the morning. I tried visiting a well known dermatologist here in Cebu but he only let us apply creams and various and for six months my pimples did not subside. Worst, he would not tell me what is going on and it is really tedious to see him having lots of patients everyday in his clinic. You need to call in advance just to be listed.

One time, a friend from Manila told me that I should try visiting Dermclinic. I figured out that they had a branch here in Cebu so I rushed to their branch there. I set an appointment for a facial treatment. That was my first experience for facials. I cried every time the doctor would prick the blemish on my face. The good thing about Dermclinic is that doctors themselves do the treatment. They are the ones which pricks the pimples and do some treatments. The place is very clean and they will prescribe their own facial wash and astringent which is very affordable. My face for several years now is very smooth and flawless. Dermclinic is indeed a true skin clinic.

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